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Old Tragedies, New Dangers

For Max and Sandra Porter, building a family seemed unattainable. But since moving to Winston-Salem and starting a business with the ghost of a 1940s detective, the unattainable did not sound so far-fetched. Over time, they brought two homeless boys into their work and eventually to their home.

But this ad hoc family has a lot of unknown histories. Dark secrets that threaten to crawl to the surface. When one of those secrets breaks through, Max finds himself in a fight — not only for his own survival, but for the survival of his family as well.

If this family can’t come together now, then they will be ripped apart forever.

It doesn’t help that he has to worry about the Hull family and witches once more, but Max, Sandra, and Drummond have a lot on their side. Brains, magic, and the ghost world, too. Their enemies won’t know what hit them.

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