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Get ready for three more incredible tales in The Max Porter Paranormal Mysteries. Max, Sandra, and Drummond are back. After the war between the Mobleys and the Magi, a power void has been formed. An ancient cult now resurfaces to fill that void. And with it comes new ghosts, new witches, and new magic. But that would be too easy. Max's family has plenty of troubles as the Sandwich Boys mature, Max's mother falls ill, and Drummond may be lost forever. You won't want to miss a single moment in the series that blends real history with ghosts, witches, curses, and more.

3 exciting novels -- all bundled into one volume!


The case is simple enough — spend the night in the famed Reynolda House to discover what's haunting the place. Then, take care of it.

But for Max, Sandra, and Drummond, nothing is ever simple.

Over the course of one long night, they will face numerous evil forces unleashed with careless abandon. They will endure attacks physical, mental, and magical. And they'll have to fight it all before dawn, or these threats will turn upon those that they love the most. Their boys.


Fighting ghosts, witches, and curses is nothing new for Max and Sandra Porter. But when a Civil War ghost gets tethered to their teenage son, J, everything is new. And terrifying.

With the help of their partner and ghost, Marshall Drummond, the team will be up against serious and deadly problems — dealing with the head witch of North Carolina, raising ancient bones from the bottom of lake, breaking forgotten curses, and far more.

But worse than that, they will have to face the most difficult challenge of all — J starts dating.


For Max and the gang, the idea that dead is not the end has become second nature. But the idea that a ghost who has moved on could be ripped back into the world? That is new.

And terrifying.

When a woman hires the Porter Agency to help with this very problem, she doesn't know half of what she's roping them into. Now, it is up to Max, Sandra, and Drummond to find who is behind this atrocity and stop them. Plus, there's a spirit to return to the Beyond, a missing girl who might have been murdered, and a possible murderer who happens to be the new client.

Just another day for the Porters.

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