The Way of the Brother Gods

Book 3 of The Malja Chronicles

The Way of the Brother Gods

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The Way of the Brother Gods, the third book in the Malja Chronicles by Stuart Jaffe.

Above all else, Malja has sought one thing – a way home. With the help of her companions, Tommy and Fawbry, she may finally have her chance.

But after years of using magic, Tommy is spiraling into madness, and it could destroy the whole world. Caught between those she loves and that which she desires most, Malja will have to risk everything – friendships, lives, even her chances to get home – in order to save it all.

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I truly enjoyed the 3rd book along with the first 2. I hope there are more books to come in this series!

C Michelle

I read a recent review of of one of the books in the trilogy that stated Jaffe's writing is like a fine wine ... it gets better with age. I have to agree.

The first two books in the Malja Chronicles, The Way of the Black Beast and the Way of the Sword and Gun, served the purpose of fleshing out both the characters and the world they live in. The Way of the Brother Gods sets them loose in an action packed conclusion to this trilogy. Jaffe's style, full of violence (someone always has to dies in a Jaffe story) and imagination, is in full bloom with the return of some of the best characters (Baris Mont, Bluesmen) put into some of the most intense situations. The book was fun to read and wrapped the trilogy in a nice bow. Kudos to Mr. Jaffe.

I see now that Jaffe has moved towards Mysteries. I am excited to read Southern Bound and see if the growth I saw in this last book in the Malja Chronicles continues in a new format.

G Otis