After the Crash

After the Crash

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The job is simple — land illegally on the mysterious and unspoiled planet Cicora, drop off two aliens and a human, collect the pay, and go home to life as a tourist pilot.  Oh, and ask no questions.  But when Fiona Quinn’s ship crashes, she is stranded on a strange planet with a gorruff, a mahtree, and a man.  And all she has is questions.

As she struggles to survive, Fiona will have to endure the wild, avoid alien police, and overcome her worst enemy — herself.  She will transform from a meek, shallow person into a resourceful, humble being.  And as the reality of a rescue fades further away, she’ll have to learn what it really means to be alive and civilized when she faces the ultimate question — does she even want to go back?


After the Crash is a beautiful book, both in gorgeously descriptive world of Cicora and compelling character development. Jaffe does an excellent job of allowing his characters time to grow, to show both their greatness and their flaws. I particularly enjoyed how the continued isolation of the characters molds them, with both positive and negative results.

On the negative side, the book starts off a little rough. The prose is a little uneven and until the crash occurs the characters feel both flat and unremarkable, it took me about 1/3 of the novel to start feeling connected to the characters.

From that point on Jaffe really seems to find his groove, the prose improves greatly, the character development takes off and you can almost feel the authors sense of passion increase.

Overall I found this novel thoroughly enjoyable. It took me a day or so to really get into but once I hit the crash, the characters became so unique and memorable that I was compelled to stay up until the wee hours to find out what happened to them. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading strong, character based novels, regardless of their overall love of science fiction.

C Hobson

I really enjoy the world that has been created by Mr. Jaffe. The problem is, we don't have enough time to actually learn too much about it before we are thrust into the main crux of the story. As the description will tell you, and if you're clever you may figure out from the title, the story is about a group of survivors from a crash landing on a new world.

The plot in and of itself isn't very new. But it is interesting to see how the interactions between different species is handled.

As far as Fiona the main character, at first I didn't think much of her. I felt she was kind of wooden. But once the book got going you can see her positives and why the author crafted her the way he did.

His interpretations of alien species reminds me of Scalzi in his "Old Man's War" series and shows a very imaginative and rich world that we will hopefully get to see more of.