Southern Charm

A Max Porter Mystery

Southern Charm

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When Max and the gang are hired by an art forging ghost to find a lost painting,

Max thinks it’ll be easy money. But villains old and new come out, and the race is on for the painting and the secrets it contains.

A race that will lead Max into a mess of magic spells, haunted houses, ancient curses, and even Blackbeard the Pirate.

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Author Stuart Jaffe continues to build Max Porter into the sweet sympathetic character - flaws and all - that I love. Max reminds me of Alex Cross, the D.C. relentless detective of James Patterson genre; only, Max Porter is less tough, less sophisticated, but effective and 'charming', nevertheless. Max Porter is real - not always sure of himself, but goal oriented when place in situations beyond his control. Unlike Alex Cross, Porter displays realistic frustruations and the normal human frailties of being unsure and fearful; yet, he strives forward.

I hope Jaffe will bring us Max Porter again and again. I want to see his growth, maturity and continued adventures.

B Mary

Loved it! I cannot wait for the next book! Finished in just a few days! I couldn't put it down!

C Michelle