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Holiday Sale Spotlight – Southern Bound

My huge 99-cent Holiday Sale continues! ALL my individual ebooks are only 99-cents ALL December long!

One of the joys of indie-publishing is that the only people who can tell me not to write something is you, the reader! So, I can explore more than one genre, and as many of you know, I do. I understand the whole branding mentality behind sticking to one genre. After all, when you think George R. R. Martin, you think epic fantasy.  Stephen King means horror.  Lee Child means a Jack Reacher thriller. I get it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if The Beatles had to stick to bubble gum pop and weren’t allowed to attempt other music styles? What if Stephen Spielberg was pigeon-holed into action/adventures and not permitted to make films about World War II?  There’s no logical reason an artist should be stuck doing the same thing over and over. It’s a business decision, not an artistic one that causes this.

In the indie world, though, I have the freedom to take a business risk by making an artistic choice that might not sit well with final sales numbers. That’s okay.  In fact, that’s part of what makes indie-anything so darn awesome.

So, after having started my indie-adventure with the post-apocalyptic series, The Malja Chronicles, I jumped into paranormal mysteries — why? Because I love reading mysteries, and I love SF/F. Why wouldn’t I enjoy putting the two together? At that same time, I had become curious about the town I was living and decided to do some research on the early days of Winston-Salem. I uncovered some fascinating details which wormed their way into my head and into my writing. The result — Max Porter.

Here’s a spotlight on the first of my Max Porter Paranormal Mysteries, Southern Bound:

Southern Bound

When Max and Sandra Porter moved down to North Carolina, they thought they were getting a new beginning – good job, good pay, and a lovely little place in Winston-Salem. But the family that hired him to research land deals in North Carolina is not all that they seem.

And when Max discovers that his office is haunted by Marshall Drummond, PI – a ghost from the 1940s – what started as a simple research job sinks him neck-deep in a world of old mysteries and dangerous enemies. One in which ghosts, witches, curses, and spells exist. One in which something as innocent as a book can turn deadly.

Real North Carolina history mixes with fantasy magic in this pulse-pounding, paranormal-mystery series.

Like all my ebooks this month, Southern Bound is available for only 99-cents at most places ebooks are sold — including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Stuart Jaffe

Stuart Jaffe is the author of The Max Porter Paranormal-Mysteries, The Malja Chronicles, a post-apocalyptic fantasy series, The Bluesman pulp series, and After The Crash as well as the short story collection, 10 Bits of My Brain. Numerous other short stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies. He is the co-host of The Eclectic Review — a podcast about science, art, and well, everything. For those who keep count, the latest animal listing is as follows: one dog, four cats, one albino corn snake, one Brazilian black tarantula, three aquatic turtles, assorted fish, one lop-eared rabbit, fifteen chickens, and a horse. Thankfully, the chickens and the horse do not live inside the house.

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