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Holiday Sale Spotlight – Real Magic

The Big December 99-cent Holiday Sale continues! ALL my individual ebooks are only 99-cents ALL December long!

There are so many cool things about Indie Publishing, and one of them is how easy it becomes to do a collaborative work. Pretty much all you have to do is decide to do it. It can be a one-off or a whole series and there’re no lingering consequences to your individual career. What am I referring to? Well, in the old Legacy way of doing things, a joint venture could derail your aspirations for an individual career if your joint work outperformed your individual titles. This, of course, depended greatly on the publisher. Baen Books, for example, encourages many of its authors to team-up both as a method of cross-promotion as well as a training ground (by teaming newer writers with more seasoned vets of the publishing world). Other publishers, however, are notorious for being less friendly to these kinds of collaborations. I know a few authors who basically were told that only the team-ups were wanted, and any individual projects would no longer be welcome.

In the Indie world, it’s quite different. Collaborations happen all the time, are great for cross-promotion, and carry no ill side effects to one’s personal career. They’re also a heck of a lot of fun. So, when the opportunity arose to work with my old college buddy, Cameron Francis, I happily said yes.

Cameron had never written a fiction novel before, but I recalled a screenplay he wrote in college that was hysterical in a Woody Allen way. Though Cameron main aspiration was in acting, he also had developed great sleight-of-hand skills. In fact, when we reconnected many years later, he has become one of the top sleight-of-hand magicians. He gives lectures all over the world and highly regarded among his peers.

We constructed the story together, and Cameron gave me plenty of research to do. While I wrote all the prose, Cameron gave me detailed explanations of the various tricks we employed, and even better, he designed tricks specifically for the book. Reader reactions have been wonderful, and we had such a good time that we plan to do another book together — hopefully in 2015, if we can align our busy schedules.

Meanwhile, check out Real Magic!

Real Magic


Duncan Rose, magician and card cheat, accidently slips back in time to 1934. Swindling his way through this bizarre new world, he searches for a doorway home, until a ruthless mobster takes notice – a man who wants to use time travel for his own purposes.

To get home, Duncan will need all his card skills, but more importantly, he’ll need to trust those around him or risk losing everything.

REAL MAGIC is an exciting time travel fantasy packed with real card tricks designed specifically for this story by renowned card magician, Cameron Francis.

Like all my ebooks this month, Real Magic is available worldwide for only 99-cents at most places ebooks are sold — including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

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